Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Birthday Wishes

This post isn't all about beauty, but I want to share with you what i'm planning for my 19th birthday as its in 3 weeks, so it's fair to say i'm getting a little excited! I know its the limbo birthday between you're 18th and 21st but i'm going to make it a big one to celebrate being my last year as a teen. I'm not only excited for the cake and prezzies but I get to spend a few days with my favourite people (Inlcuding the SATCG's). My plan is to have everyone round to mine the Saturday before my birthday, have holiday cocktails like Sex On The Beach, Pina Colada's and pink champs in the garden (I want to re-create last years holiday to Kos so hopefully it will be sunny.. but probably will be raining as its Britain) then a pub crawl throughout the day and end up very drunk in a club somewhere. My actual birthday I just want to have a relaxing day in town with my fave girls, pampering, shopping, eating Nandos and getting a bit tipsy!

A few pics of what I would love for my birthday this year...

Sex on the Beach punch with sparklers and crushed ice - I'm gonna do this! (Just wish Lowri was here for my birthday)

Lowri, Hat, Harriet and I, last year in Kos

My 18th Birthday in my garden - the best night ever!

A few prezzies I would like pretty please...

MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation - Colour NW30

MAC Cream Colour Base - Colour Improper Copper

MAC Lustre Drops - Colour Sunrush (cannot wait to try this)
IB104 Fan Brush - Crownbrush UK - Use this brush when applying MAC Lustre Drops to highlight the cheekbones

IB106 Angle Blush/Bronzing Brush - Crownbrush UK

IB116 Crease Brush - Crownbrush UK

C433 Blending Brush - Crownbrush UK (similar to the 217 MAC)

C409 Angle Definer/Liner Brush - Crownbrush UK
C404 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush - Crownbrush UK (similar to MAC 188) - Use this for the foundation in small circle motions
Urban Decay Naked Pallet - Urban Decay - Probably the most reviewed and popular eye shadow pallete I come across when researching

Clarins Natural Lip Tint - Clarins

Eyelash Extensions - Before and After - I really can't wait to have this done for the summer time

A few other things I would like to try/have done on my birthday day out...

I've always wanted to try is the Fish Spa, when tiny toothless fish consume the dead skin on your feet. The first time I saw this was when Mollie King from The Saturdays had it done on 'The Saturdays 24/7'

I drive past a really cute beauty salon called Tootsies, in Shrewsbury that does it, it isn't expensive and it looks really cool. Yet you never get round to trying it. So I am going to!

Ignore the amazing body,Victoria Secret bikini and the stunning location. I actually want the belly button piercing. I have always wanted one but never liked my stomach, but i've lost a little weight and i'm in the mood to get one so I think i'll give it a go

How to get my hairstyle

I've created a step by step on how to get the hairstyle of your favourite celebs, like Laurens Conrad, Kims Kardashian and Cheryl. They all have the hair I try and re-create, so I have nearly mastered it and i'm going to share it with you.
(If you want to add lots of volume to the hair follow these three steps first) 
  • Starting at the bottom and working your way up, section off the hair.
  • Take each section and backcomb the roots (underneath and on top). Repeat until entire head is done
  • Make sure you hairspray the roots on each section
  • Get either a curling tongs or use a straighteners to curl small sections of the hair all over
  • Hairspray each curl as you go along
  • Then using either a Bristle or Paddle brush (I use the Moroccan Oil Paddle Brush). Brush the curls through
  • To stop it frizzing, straight after smoothly run your hands through the hair
*top tip - if you are wanting to add a lot more volume AND length to the hair. Then clip-in hair extensions are the best way to do it. Personally I prefer to not wear extensions as it can weaken the hair, however I sometimes like to wear them when wanting to make an impact. I get mine from

Below are a few pictures of my hair, they arn't the best quality pictures and don't show my hair off that well. But you get an idea.

In this picture I am wearing 2 sets of clip in hair extensions. 

This is not the best quality picture, but I am not wearing any hair extensions. 

  (Left) My hair is looking quite glossy as I had been putting a small amount of moroccan oil on my hair at night time. It is also my natural, darker colour. Whereas above, my hair is a little lighter.

  (Right) This was on my 18th birthday last July. Again, natural hair colour, no hair extensions and I followed my seven easy steps to get that hairstyle.

My Hair Secrets

Without sounding cliche, people always ask me how I do my hair and what products do I use. And I always think the same when I see someone who's hair I love. But no matter what blogs I look on they never seem to give a straight forward, step by step guide on how to re-create a hair style. Therefore, i've done my own for you.  First I will show you which products I use, then I will do a step by step guide on how to get my style hair.
Aussie is first up on my hair care products list and the best thing about it is - you get SO much for your money - talk about quality AND quantity! Something that really excited me was that Aussie have created a new bottle of XXL Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner which comes in a 500ml bottle at just £5.99.

As my hair is so long, it tends the split really easily and break off if I don't care for it properly. Around two years ago I came across Aussie's '3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Conditioning Treatment', so I gave it a try. It was without a doubt the best deep conditioning treatment I have ever used! It really makes my long hair stronger, softer and the smell is to-die-for. I've even told all my friends to buy it. Only retailing at £4.99 - its a hair must have

My top tip is to use a scalp brush when the conditioner is on your hair. It really gets the knots out of the hair whilst the hair is wet and soft, therefore wont hurt as much. Plus it leaves your hair recognizably more soft and knot free. Buy them from any beauty store for a couple of pounds.

My biggest hair secret is Moroccan Oil! It comes from Argan Trees that grow in Morocco, Africa. Which are known for withstanding blistering heat and have life saving medicine properties. The best thing about it is that its alcohol free, so it wont dry out the hair and will prevent any split ends! Its the miracle product which every woman should own to give you envious, glossy hair. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should go out and buy it now! It retails around £30 per 100ml (however, as my mum owns a hair salon I just borrow hers). 

This is a finishing spray which will give the hair long lasting shine. It has that gorgeous Moroccan Oil smell, its light, easy to use and makes my hair shine all day and night long! Plus, its UV protective. So you're on to a winner

You wouldn't think the hair brush you use would make such a big difference to your hair - but now I have tried these brushes, I wouldn't use any other brush. The big Barrel brush adds volume and big, bouncy curls whilst hairdrying. Whereas, the Paddle brush is great for smoothing through your curls. Each brush retails around £15.

 The brand new Parlux 3800 Eco Hairdryer is a professional hairdryer which top salons use (including my mums).  It very light to hold but extremely powerful, the best hairdryer I have used. As I have such long, thick hair, it usually takes me hours to dry my hair. But with the Parlux 3800, it takes around 20 minutes. It may retail at £79.95, however as it dries you're hair 10X quicker it means you can have that bit longer spent in bed in the mornings.
I use these professional Corioliss C2 Titanium Straighteners when styling my hair. They are great not only for straightening but also curling, whether you want tight ringlets, loose barrel curls or calm waves in your hair. The titanium plates can create any look you want. Also, it has a digital temperature gage, so you can control the temperature you want to style your hair at. Retailing at £104

To finish off, hairspray. I swear by Elnett as I always seem to go back to it. It may of been around for years, but why fix it if its not broken? Plus it doesn't leave a residue and that rock-hard texture on your hair, so you can easily brush through it.  Retails at £5.99 for a 400ml can

My favourite fragrance products...

The Body Shop do THE most amazing products! I came across my favourite collection last summer, just before my 18th birthday. I bought the whole collection, including the Shimmer Butter which I use on my arms, chest and legs on summer days and nights out. It gives a gorgeous shimmer effect on the skin, whilst leaving it silky smooth and smelling amazing!! Now, every time I use these products it reminds me of summer. I REALLY recommend you go out and buy them. And on the plus side, The Body Shop products are all fair trade and completely against animal testing. So you can wear it feeling guilt free. 
The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream - £4.00

This exfoliating body scrub contains organic virgin coconut oil. It really does leave your skin soft and smooth.  Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub - £12.50

The Shimmer Butter (my ultimate beauty fav!). I've had so many compliments whilst wearing this, from friends to strangers asking what i'm wearing. It contains organic virgin coconut oil and has an added shimmer. It quickly absorbs into the skin, so slick it on just before you go out - making sure you smell tropical all night long - £12.50

I also wear the Victor & Rolf Eau Mega Body Lotion, £42.50. I put a very small amount on my skin as you only need a small amount to make you smell devine.
Top tip - put lotion on the areas you will be wearing your perfume first, then spray your perfume. This will make the perfume scent last a lot longer.
Victor & Rolf Eau Mega Perfume, from £49.50 - £89.50. It may not be the cheapest perfume around and it isn't sold in all perfume shops. But that is what makes it so special. It is described as the 'magic potion', mixing fresh floral scents and creating seduction in a bottle. 

Manuka Doctor - Bee Venom

Manuka Doctor - Bee Venom 

Why i’m going to Holland & Barrett (as soon as I save up) to buy Bee Venom!  


I’m having a big sort out of my products today and I came across Manuka Doctor - Bee Venom, when searching for new skin care products that I would like to try. This first stood out to me for its main ingredient (bee venom). As its natural, meaning no harsh chemicals that will irritate your skin and cause break outs. I have heard of Manuka products before, as for years Manuka Honey has been used as medicine. However, I have never heard of the Bee Venom products. Since the nations Princess, Kate Middleton announced she uses Bee Venom products, it has become the new craze! Also, other celebrities who use this are Victoria Beckham and brand ambassador of the range - Millie Mackintosh! Known for her healthy, radiant skin, she has un-doubtingly the most enviable skin around!


“As a make-up artist I come across so many products and brands - I also get sent a lot of products to try - my absolute favourite at the moment is Manuka Doctor. I really like their ApiClear range. The Foaming Cleanser, Skin Treatment Serum and Moisturising Lotion are all really good for balancing troubled skin.”

Millie Mackintosh The Manuka Doctor Bee Venom range, available at Holland and Barrett. The products on my list include:

  • The Foaming Cleanser - £16.99 
  •  Skin Treatment Serum - £18.99 
  •  Moisturising Lotion - £16.99 
  •  Facial Toner - £16.99 
Available at

 They may not be the cheapest products around, but if the high street range is fit for a Princess then its fit for us!